R12WGT Conversion Kit

Team Muso introduce their World GT conversion for Yokomo’s R12 pan car kit.
The set includes all parts to build a 1/10th 200mm World GT car
from the R12 kit and features a new front suspension mount plate
to bring the car to 200mm width,
it comes with a front urethane bumper,
support brace for optional side tube dampers
and 4-point wheel hubs for standard size GT wheels.
The conversion kit also works with Yokomo’s GT500 line of kits.





      Tubedamperspecification(optional parts)   Tubedamper (optional parts)
MUS-R12WGTCV R12WGT Conversion Kit
●set items
R12WGT Chassis x1、R12WGT Carbon Front Bumper x1、
R12WGT Lower Brace x1、R12WGT Front Mount Brace x1、
R12WGT Upper Brace x1、R12WGT Chassis Brace x1、
R12WGT Battery Support x1、R12WGT Battery posts x2、
R12WGT Front Suspension Spacer x2、R12WGT Rear Bulkhead Spacer x2
R12WGT Right Wheel Hub x1、R12WGT Left Wheel Hub x1、
R12WGT Thrust Cone x1、R12WGT FrontShock Extension Parts x1、
3x10 Socket Head Cap Screw x8,Multi Foam Bumper For WGT x1
●Correspondence chassis
Yokomo R12 wide chassis(For narrow specifications,
please change to a wide specification front arm)
*R12 C Graphite rear axle the (narrow specification)
If you are using, please use the Yokomo kit
manufactured by standard thrust cone thrust cone.
*There is a need separate parts
For theconversionkit, RC equipment, body, motor, battery,
tires, andwheelsare not included.
GT500 R12is requiredseparatelytocompletechassiskit

wheelbase   253-259mm
Width (front wheel opening)  189-201mm
Width (rear wheel opening)    197mm
Body                190mm、200mm

Can be changedinsidethe mounting positionof the sidespring
1lipo batterycell size, of course, also supportsa 2-cellbatterystraight
In use, there is aneed to raisethehugeshimthe batterypostofthebatterycell2Straight
In use, there is aneed to raisethehugeshimthe batterypostofthebatterycell2Straight
R12WGT Conversion Kit

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